Remote connection to access the progress

Hi team? Ramadhan Kareem to our Muslim brothers.
I would like to know whether we can configure the sambapos in such a way that i am able receive the report via my tablet and follow up with the team on the ground,when i have traveled or when am not in the business premise.Is their a way i can know what is happening on the restaurant via my phone.

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You can set up send email through sambapos. Similar to how you would setup your email account on your windows pc.

You make a send email action and set up a rule to get the report of choice ans have it send to your email.
Or you can use a third party application like pdf creator which creates a new printer profile, and all you have to do is configure the printer in samba, and a rule to print the report of choice, which sends the command to the software which in return sends the report to your email.

But again it needs some configuration for it to work alongside some rules and actions

Simplest solution is teamviewer to your server machine.
Or with bit of config you can email reports as above.
Or if you have time to learn you can use the samba API and view reports in browser but that will take a bit more dev/time to learn.

A third option is to use graphql and build a secure reporting website that you can access anywhere.

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thankyou team for all the solution,i will evaluate all of them