Remove features

I would like to remove the Split an the 1/n buttons, but I don’t find wher can I do it.
Please inform me about the solution.

They cannot be removed.

Thanks for the answer, but I would be happy, if it can be removable…

Hey @JohnS look what we’ve did… we started receiving feature removal requests :slight_smile:

lol just kidding… I’m not talking about these specific buttons but we’ll keep improving SambaPOS to do more with less visual features. Thank you very much for the feedback.

Seems to me that SAMBAPOS has reached a point in which all buttons should be Automation commands with a rule and a mapping… have been said that… Dear @emre, GOD SPEED!! LOL!!!

today, I had two CAIPIRINHAS, we are in low, very very very low season, so I have spare time and no money.,… bad combination…

Sorry for this post…


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