Remove Service by Item


I have seen the tutorial to remove service charge using a Tag on the product level however I can’t see a way to remove the service charge on the settlement screen on individual items as needed.
use case
we often sell the same products take away or eat in. All orders have 10% service added as standard however if it’s a takeaway order we simply toggle this off. However, sometimes we have a customer who Eats in but order one or two items to take away. in this case we would like to be able to highlight the items on the Settlement screen and toggle off the service charge just for these items.

Any ideas on the simplest way to achieve this?

Thanks guys

Pretty sure selected orders on settle screen isn’t passed to automation like on ticket screen.

Is it really nessercery? Surly they order as takeaway otherwise you would serve on plate rather than box and arnt adding the takeaway order on paint screen so fo takeaway tag while adding orders?