Remove Ticket Notes

Is possible to remove Ticket Note button? We are currently not utilizing Ticket Note and it would be helpful if it can be hidden.


While you’re at it, get rid of the Change Price button :wink:

Creating Price Change button:

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I would be glad to add those actions!!! and a bonus, no translations in POS screen…



I have to find a way to create buttons on upgrade not to surprise current users by removing these buttons. Maybe just hiding that buttons with permissions and add related actions for advanced uses is a nice idea.

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Perhaps the best idea would be to add the actions and rules with a script directly to the database… and in the same install hidding the buttons…

If you need help testing this just wtrite me!!!


:stuck_out_tongue: I recognize the dilemma. Do what you think is best @emre.

Just ensure that you are very clear in a Forum post regarding the new version with a noticeable WARNING which buttons are disappearing or appearing, and perhaps with reference to Tutorials that show how to recreate the lost buttons if they are not installed by default.

We sometimes need to just bite the bullet and move forward. Besides, you have all of us to help with the onslaught of questions that may follow!

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OK. Thank you very much for that support :slight_smile: Honestly hiding buttons is not a good solution since we need to add unneeded permissions and waste CPU time by hiding buttons that will never appear.

perhaps hidding for the next 4-5 releases, until we are all sure that people are using the new set of commands and actions…


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