Remove Ticket Tag?

Tags stay on the ticket when a transaction is completed?

Is there something im not doing right? :confused:

EDIT: Ive done a rule based on user login and added a new action with Table Number and left the field blank but it doesn’t do the trick

Ive had that with some automation ive been doing so i added update ticket tag action when payment processed, remaining amount equals zero for example

And set the tag name to whatever it is and the value leave it blank, that will then remove the tag

Ive been setting up a wastage system so i wanted to press the wastage button and that create a ticket, add ticket state, update ticket type, update ticket header, add ticket tag

Then my tag would stay on after ticket was closed so added the update ticket tag and set it to blank so when the wastage ticket is “settled” the tag is removed and that solved my issue

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I had it in User Login and Payment Processed already BUT I had the action already filled out.

Ive just [:Done This] in the action and left blank within rule to see if that deletes it?

Cant test till tomorrow though cos hes closed up and gone, and if I pop his cash drawer his burglar alarm will go off lol

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