Reopen closed ticket

can i get report for reopened closed ticket , of which user did open the closed ticket ?

Did you see the Ticket Logs tutorial?

no , i have older version , i was going to start update today to latest version after end of day

anyway to know if i don’t have ticket log ?

It does have ticket log feature since V4 and last improvement in V5.1.51.
Search Ticket Logs keyword will see emre tutorials.

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i’ll do it after end of day today but can it get me the old ticket ?

No there is no way to log that on old tickets. It does not log that information unless you tell it too so you will never be able to get that information from Old Tickets. But if you do the setup now everything from that point on will be logged.

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i try test the log ticket , when i reopen the ticket , log don’t save it

and when i also was testing i ordered some items with cash user , it didn’t save in log .
i followed the tutorial and did everything , it only save admin log not other users

and i also when i try to void or cancel it didn’t show in log

Can you show your configuration. You must have configured something wrong.

i did everything same as tutorial

Yeah, tutorials for logging print bill automation command.

The tutorial gave a good idea of how to do it but did not cover every possible use. The tutorial did not give a step by step for what your trying to do. So if you followed tutorial exact then you successfully are logging Print Bill Command and nothing else.

You need to apply the same idea for logging other events. It needs to be customized for what you want to do with it.