Reorganizing my Refund system for simplicity

Let me know what you guys think!

This makes pulling up tickets for review FAST, integrated and its simple. I think I like this approach the best! I will post more details as I finish building it. I am redoing my refunds to use their own State Flow as well as Aborts, Non Tax etc. EVERYTHING will happen from POS screen and it can be restricted via mapping to users or whatever you want.

Few things I have on a To Do list:

  1. Assign a random 20 digit number that is setup in groups of 4 example: 9796 5942 7736 3429 4760 I would assign this a different name other than TR# I do not want this to actually be the Transaction Number. I do want this number linked to the TR# so when this number is scanned it pulls up that ticket. TR# is Ticket ID right now and I want to keep it like that. This new number would be printed as a barcode at bottom of receipt and it will be listed just above barcode for manually typing it in if barcode does not scan.

  2. Define a good custom State Flow for most of my systems including To Go orders.

  3. Build a Time Clock screen to integrate with TimeTrex. This screen will have an entry for employee to type their pin# and it will record a punch or tell them they are already clocked in. I also want to restrict it from allowing them to clock out until 30 minutes has passed from the previous punch. I believe all of this can be done from Samba’s side I do not think I will need to do anything in TimeTrex other than what I have already setup.

Several formatting fixes… I am reducing Departments down to just 2… Restaurant and Kitchen. Kitchen atm is just the Kitchen Screen.

I have already updated it. I went ahead and made it refresh ticket after loading it so it always shows full ticket information when you load the ticket.

I also made it so if you pull up a Refund Ticket (The REFUND transaction) it will not let you reopen or do anything to it as this is a finalized Refund Ticket. There is no such thing as cancelling a refund… you simply just sell the item again.

I did not show screenshot but I have also reworked the Order State flow for REfunds it no longer shows Kitchen or submitted on the Orders in Refund Tickets. It shows Item Refunded

One thing I am trying to do is write the actions/rules/states, etc in a specific naming pattern so I can detach each system, Refunds, Non Tax, Aborts and package them up using Database Tools so people can add these systems to their database without conflicts and get away from using custom prebuilt database. I feel this is a more secure/natural approach to sharing system configurations.

This is an extensive overhaul but I felt its the best time to do it. I have not gone live yet and it will be better in long run.


Do you have a database file for refunds done? If so could you post so i could have a play with it, its exactly what im trying to do :slight_smile:

I do. I am breaking it up into database tool import files. I’m almost done. Maybe tonight.

Brill youre a superstar!!!

Hi @Jesse have you finished your refund database tools file?

I have an ad hoc refunds setup that works fine but i wanted to be able to refund by scanning original receipt barcode to bring order up then refund the particular items off it like you have done.

Ive setup tickets reopening when scanning the receipt but ive not had any joy in properly setting up a refund scenario from that point so your refund database file will be a great help

Hope your build is going well :slight_smile:

Its close. I am redoing the accounting hopefully it will be done soon. I want to ask you to do something for me. When I do finish it and post it on here can you let me know anything you like or don’t like and anything you think would make it better?

cool, the accounting is another struggle im having so looking at your setup will definitely help :slight_smile:
at the moment my ad hoc refunds isnt running through a refund accounting it just runs through the normal sales accounting so i see refunds and sales by looking at the credit and debit columns

yea of course i will! your setup will be a great help so ill definitely give you some feedback, it already sounds like itll be a great base database for people to start and adapt to their needs and it probably wont need much adaptation!!

Very sorry I have not felt very well last few days as a result I have not even touched any Samba Development.

No need to apologise it can all wait until your better :slight_smile:

yes, apologies are in place… @Jesse, come on, move your b!@#$, dont be lazy… get up. get dressed, shave… put some makeup and FINISH YOUR Refund system…


sorry, just got up in a good mood… and well… nothing, just got up in a good mood…


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I will give an update. The reason it is taking me so long to release this is simply because I am not 100% sure on how I want it to flow yet. I have built several things and rebuilt, and rebuilt. Right now I am working on my To Go and Dine In flow as well as few other things including Accounting overhaul.

My main goal is to make it feel natural and almost like it should be a built in feature of SambaPOS. So if it does not feel like this I scrap it and try again. I am getting close…

PS: I have also been very busy with my retail business lately so its took up a lot of my time.

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