Replacing Change table/Select customer buttons with automation buttons

I just tried replacing the Select entity buttons with automation buttons:

I took the customer and table entities out from my ticket type (to not show the buttons anymore):

Created actions to change ticket type (and by this open the appropriate screen to select these entities):
<img src="/uploads/default/5960/647d1d148d1535dc.jpg" width=“300"”>

Created rules to call these actions when the buttons are clicked"

gave them default mappings

Now the buttons have been replaced with my own buttons:

And when I click on them, I get the correct screen, but there is no “Select customer” button on it:

Is there any way to get this button back (without adding the customer entity back on the ticket)?

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Yes there is. One minute ill explain. You need to define it as a Custom Screen and Make your own buttons. Quick example is located here. Add Command Buttons to your Select Customer Screen

When you take them out of Ticket Type it removes any ability to select customer automatically meaning you have to create those buttons yourself. And only way to do this is with Custom Entity Screen. You would need to make automation buttons that can select entity … and so forth.

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Thanks, I’ll check it out…

Do you know how to get the currently selected customer from the entity search widget when the Select Customer button is clicked?

Load Entity would probably be useful here. But I am confused with what you mean. When you press Select Customer it automatically selects that Entity so after that {ENTITY NAME:Customer} should work

I don’t have the hard-coded Select Customer button there, it’s a button I added myself.
When I click on the automation button Select Customer, I need to change the ticket entity but I don’t know what the entity’s name is. I need to get this from the entity search’s currently selected customer, but I don’t know how to do that.

Can you explain your flow a little better. What is the reason to get rid of the Hard Coded button? I know we briefly discussed this in another thread but I never had the time to look at it for you, and providing this information will help me understand and recommend the right option.

It’s because I want to change the caption of the button, which is impossible without making it into an automation command button.

It’s not a big deal if there’s no way to get the selected customer I will just put the hard-code button back…

On the Entity Search screen type the name… select it then press the enter key on the keyboard… make sure keyboard is enabled.

That takes me back to the ticket view, but on the ticket it shows an empty customer name.

Hmm on mine it adds the Entity. Show me some screenshots of the setup?

Does your ticket have the customers entity included?

No I am showing screenshots.

Alternatively you could use a different method if you do not want to switch screens… you can search and enter an Entity via Numberpad…or can even do it via a [?Parameter] But the Search Widget is very useful if you want to Edit the Entity or Add an Entity. Although Technically you could do all of that without having to switch screens as well.

Strange… it’s not doing that for me.
What screenshots should I show you?

Maybe show the Action your using with your automation button.

EDIT: Actually it may be your Entity Screen. What do you have set for Entity List setting in Entity Screens for your Customer Search Screen?

I didn’t have a rule setup for the automation button. I was just trying out the ENTER key like you said.
I just setup the rule you just showed me, and that doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

My entity screen has Customers in the entity list:

Hmm strange… not sure why it wouldn’t be working for you.

Here are my settings for the widget

I understand why it wasn’t working now. The field next to “search customer” has to have the primary field filled in completely. Just selecting one of the customers in the list does not change this field. That’s why pressing ENTER after selecting a customer in the list doesn’t attach the customer to the ticket. So I need to fill in this field myself before pressing ENTER. Just selecting it in the list won’t do.

@emre, would it be a problem to change the behavior of the entity search widget so that selecting an item in the list auto-fills the search field with the primary field? Or would that interfere with other uses of the widget?