Report help current user


Please help. What am I doing wrong? Trying to get user account cash payment for cash out. I get total per picture 0023 but when I change per 0025 I get zero. Thanks

please can you copy and paste the report instead of sending a picture. And can you be more specific. It is nearly impossible to understand what your issue is.

Hi Jesse

Thanks for feedback. Will copy and paste in future. I am trying to make waiter cashup work for my dayshift bar staff. They receive cash from customers towards outstanding accounts and pay expenses and suppliers from till which was not reflected on waiter cashup report. I have added lines to report I received when I bought the program for cash account payment, cash payouts and cash to black box. When I add the account transaction total line it puts globular for wp as per picture R200. When I try to add to report for current user is goes to R0 per picture. I am also not sure how to get amount for payouts and cash to bank(black box) for current users.

Jesse is asking you to copy and paste your report so that he can assist you,otherwise the picture are not visible