Report on the activities of the month

Good morning all.
I would like to have a report on the activities of the month but I do not know the script.
Please can you help me with the script.
thank you in advance

You need to provide more information/detail. What do you mean by activities? At minimum it would be good for you to provide the general purpose, outline, and data points of the report you’re trying to prepare.

in a restaurant, we have the inputs (sales) and outputs (purchase of items and salary of employees). the manager would like to have at the end of a month, an overall detail of the activities of his restaurant in order to have a clear view on his income. I would like to have all this information in a printable report.

That’s included in the work period report. If you need something more specific please share what you need exactly.

the period of work was for a day if I may say so. Is there not a way to have a report summarizing all the activities of a month? I expect by that all the sales and purchases of the structure. I ask this because the structure where I work makes inventories every month and the boss would like to have a summary report of all the entrances (sales) and exits (purchases) of the structure

Sounds like you need to spend some time working on building reports. The standard work period report will provide all sales data for any period of time that you request it. If you want to add in other details in your report you can modify it or create a brand new one.

I would note that you mentioned ‘salary of employees’. There has been a timecard integration in the past through various means and if this data is your system it is possible to report on it. However, I think the main point to remember is that Samba isn’t accounting software. It does not account for all of the businesses ‘outputs’ and in some cases ‘inputs’. Take for example rent, utilities, other random income streams…

So if your timecard data is already in your system you can likely use it. If not we’re talking about further custom integration which you will need to consider. Take a look through the reports options, which there are many, and see if you can go from there.