Hello @emre

Why does this REPORT Tag not support P.Type.Contains() - it is a very useful additive when you need to filter Records:

{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Type,P.Amount:(DE=$1) && P.Type.Contains("Cash")}

Below is an example which greatly assisted in the reporting down to Cash Till & Department basis:

{REPORT CALCULATION DETAILS:C.Name,T.Terminal,C.CalculationAmount.Sum:(TE={SETTING:CURRENTTERMINAL}) && C.CalculationAmount <> 0 && C.Name.Contains("Cash Out"):{0}||${2}:}

Help please…

I didn’t tested but you can try Payment.Name.Contains("Cash")

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ON my way home 7.30pm - should have it tested in another 2 hours - thanks.

Umm @emre - not sure if this is working:

{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Name,T.TicketNumber,P.Amount:(DE=$1) && Payment.Name.Contains("Cash")}


did I assume wrong that P.Name is not the same as Payment.Name?

OMG - oops!!!
Tripped out by the Name arrhhh!

THANKS - Emre I can confirm this works:
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.sum:(DE=$1) && Payment.Name.Contains("Cash ")}

I can now run this same report off for Department OR SPLIT by Department Till :grinning:

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