The {REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:x} tag only works for Tickets, correct @emre?

I was trying to attain a list of "used: departments in Transactions using this TAG but realised it was omitting Departments that only had “Account Transactions” such as Customer Account Payments - not involving tickets.

Ummm, is there any other TAG I can use to obtain a list of Departments that have had either Tickets OR Account Payments used for the Work Period?

Are payments departmentalised?
An account payment would not have a department accociated with it.
Ticket payments would only be departmentalised by they ticket but in theory an account could have charges from any department and as payments are not allocated against tickets think you might be out of luck.
What association do you have between department and accounts/entities?

You will need to store department somewhere when account payment is made. It works with tickets because they already store dept. Likely you will need to use SQL to build the report as well.

This tag is for Ticket Payments. You need to use REPORT ACCOUNT tags for account transactions.

Hi @JTRTech - have ben building a beast of a Cash Transactions Report which is Departmentalized and also slipt by Cash Draw :dizzy_face:

So I have had to create Cash Accounts, Eftpos Accounts and Voucher Accounts (all considered cash) PER Department and PER Cash Draw - oh that was fun NOT!.

Anyway its done I just needed a way to grab all “Used” departments but there is no way.

Hello @Jesse thanks for your advice. Yes I already have used all the {ACCOUNT …} Tags in my Cash Transactions Report. It extensive and works well I think but Departments was the issue - I resolved this issue by simply manually adding the Departments with the “@” parameter.

Unfortunately it is not possible with custom report tags. You can use SQL to read these departments. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer @emre.

Well Ticket data and Payment Data are 2 separate things. I see you are experimenting with Departments in Account Transactions which is great. I was trying to get used Departments only so I could hide all Departments with blank data - similar to your advice to me for the Work Period Report.

What I have done to get around the whole Account Transactions and Departments is create separate Bank Account and Tender types per Till and Department. For 4 Departments and 6 Tills with 3 Tender Types per cash Draw this was a lot of work… :sweat:

I have solved this for now but look forward to your possible consideration in future.

lol I’m not experimenting it. You requested to have departments in account transactions and I added it :wink:

Yea but a beta 5.1.61 has not been released yet after that comment in the beta thread? Has it? I was watching but with very, very red eyes…

… did you cried? Wow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well Having departments in account transactions was a great idea but couldn’t get it when you first requested. However I never trash requests I don’t like. While chatting about something else with @Jesse I realized how useful it can be so I added it to see if it will be useful or not.

`Yes, maybe, No! Samba brining me to me knees - I have 2 days to complete, Shifts for Tills, Z-Read Screens, INVENTORY hook up, then off to Singapore for 7 days, then back on 15th.

I have 15th to 19th to prepare for 1st LIVE operation. But wait there is more, I have 5 MiFare USB Proximity Readers and 1,500 FOBS sitting here on my office floor that will be given out and assigned to some very thirsty drinkers on the 20th of July!

I might of had a little tear in my eye @emre

Oh yea have those 2 HP POS Terminals and 1 Surface Pro 4 to get into place as well… :sob:

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OK. I also have red eyes now…

I released 2 .61 betas. I’ll release one more very soon if you want to wait for settle screen fix.

No worries I have plenty to do!

Will be onsite tomorrow to hopefully test my File Monitor API that should automatically create 1,500 Customer Entities with attached 1,500 Customer Accounts. If that works it will be the same to create 1,500 House Entities with Accounts lined to Customer Accounts.

Final test will be assigning using File Monitor API, $200,000 credit to those House Accounts :flushed:
Ah it will be ok… I think!

PS: @emre Remember my original requests for Multiple Customer Accounts back in early, mid 2015 :smile:
Almost there.

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Well honestly I still didn’t understand how you solved it :wink: I was thinking you need sub-accounting but seems like you implemented a sub entity type like thing and I believe it better fits to your case.

You have far more interesting things to look at but check out in my database RULE: ZRLK_Get Entity Links
Basically I carry extra Entities just to get access to the extra Account. The Rule just makes it look like they are joined - an idea from a Version 3 Post…

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How to make report payment details just for all payment by customer account?

From this link:

Say for a Report Total (not details) I have used:

{REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Customer Account)}