{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TA.Sale Transaction.sum}


@emre Where does {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TA.Sale Transaction.sum} take its data from in the database.

I have two separate transaction types configured, One for sales and one for quotes.
I have found a particular ticket that was a sale with the correct ticket type but it somehow managed to use the Quote Transaction. This has not happened before and even when the ticket type changes the transaction type auto updates.

I have found the transaction in queston and changed all the transaction types but the sale is still showing up under
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TA.Quote Transaction.sum}

Is there anyway to refresh this transaction or where can I edit the database where this tag is referencing?


Ok this seems to be the case for all transactions.
@emre Is it possible to refresh all this data?

I found another issue where the round was added after tax. I have corrected it in the account transaction document but samba does not seem to realize it has been changed. Everything in the accounts screen has been updated, but when it comes to reports and reopening the actual ticket itself, nothing updates.


Have you tried restarting?


Yes makes no difference. I’m thinking of changing the date on my computer and readding the tickets in question. Does this sound like a safe way to rectify this?


LOL, no. That would not be my choice.

You need to find out where the data is coming from. In the case of Transactions, there are 3 Tables that hold data.


Each of them has a [Name] column. It might be that the Account Screen is using one Table, Transactions (in the Manage > Accounts section) is using another Table, and Reports are using yet another.

So the “safer” way would be to run an UPDATE statement on the Tables for the [Name] column, while matching the exact [Id] for the record.

The Tables are all related, so which [Name] field is being used in which scenario is up for grabs …


Yes I have checked all these and everything seems to correspond correctly. See here Transaction Doucment Id ‘5835’ is the one that is not working correctly and '10213 is one I just added that has similar rounding transactions. I cant spot any errors, but then again I have been starting into this all day so I may be missing something obvious.


I don’t know what it is you want to change. Highlight the values.


Basically on this example. The tax was being calculated before the round. I need the tax calculated after the round so I edited the 23% Tax Figure and the Sale Transaction figure from within samba and it updated everything in the database automatically.

I have tested changing the date on my PC, cancelling the payments, cancelling the round, re-adding the round and making payment.

These were old tickets that were added before I realized that the if include Tax is checked on the Round Calculation Type it actually means that the round is added after tax.

In another instance I had a different issue where it went through as a quote transaction instead of a sale transaction. I changed the transaction type and everything updated in the database but it did not refresh in the reports. Cancelling payments and re-adding the items and payments seems to have fixed this.

I know it is not an ideal solution but it is giving me the correct results