Report ticket tags

Hi @emre

Is there something I do not understand about Ticket Tags?

So the {REPORT TICKET TAG} is it working or have I done something wrong?

The “???” is just default syntax from Work Period Report.

If I swap it to this syntax -

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.Date,T.Terminal,T.TotalAmount:(TT=Price Level)}

How do I swap it to different Price Levels like: Happy Hour; Functions; and Staff?

I thought this might work
@{REPORT TICKET TAGS} might work for a list of Tags we could feed into the {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:x}?

I just hate REPORTS!
Why then does this not work:

[Ticket Tags:1, 1, 1]

Is the tag defined in the settings? Think there is an option like for states to show on report… Maybe…

Is it just those three states you want to do?
If so just type the list after the @ as a comma seperates list.
Then change it from =PriceList to =$1

No cheating here JTRTech :grinning: - I want to know why it does not work? Also these reports need to be dynamic so they change based on Department, User etc.

Therefore parameters and lists MUST work…

It is not defined but there is nothing about printing just mapping?

I would be suprised if payment type would be a valid constraint on ticket tag report.
Similar to orders by payment type or tax and payment type.
You would have duplicates etc from multiple payments.
Do you not get any options in the dropdown/autocomplete for report?

Well I was stabing in the dark as there were no helpers. Trying any syntax just to get some data out as above there is 1 record.

I was trying to model it off this:

This is my tag template:

  [Gardenroom 1:1,1]
{TICKET TAG LIST:(O.ItemGroup:Beverages)}
[GreenSide 1:1]
Cash Total: {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Cash 2)}
[Greenwood 1:1]

Taken from another post as there is not much about.

I been into this link 100 times and still do not get it:

It only displays defined ticket tags so you won’t see test - flow control - temp data tags there.

Post a sample output you need so I can understand what you’re trying to generate.

Ummm so @JTRTech was right they need to be defined?

That is OK Emre - I was just “Departmentalizing” Work Period Report and working through all the syntax to see what I keep and what goes.

I thought maybe it might be useful to show what Product Totals were sold in each Price Level:Ticket Tag i.e
Price Level:Staff
Price Level:Happy Hour

It is not so important, what is important is getting the Work Period and Incomes Report by Department and then by Cash Draw. I don’t think {Ticket Tags} used for Price Levels may be so important at this stage…

I can show you my work in progress if you like?

You would be better off for that adding something in your flow which sets a order level thing like a state, would easily be reported on then.

Probably I’m not giving the correct answer again but if I’m guessing right something like that might be possible.


Now the chances of me fluking that report? I would say about 1:100000000000000000000000000 but hey there always the next report!

Very handy syntax to have, thank you both.

Lol you always seem to pick out his specific feature tags and apply custom report expressions to them. If you read the thread you posted you will see there are specific tags that support the expressions and fields.

@pauln I see and can understand what your doing. You like the shorter tags because they are simpler and come close to what you need without building a longer custom report tag setup. Perhaps eventually we can look at ways to further simplify Custom Reports.

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Yep thanks @Jesse - you and Emre have help me heaps and I am thank you for that. I now have a fairly precise WP report by Department that I am quite happy with.

Thumbs Up for that, Reports and Data are everything to Managers we deal with so hopefully I can help when that time comes.

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