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So ive got two tasks setup for when the cash drawer is opened, one for when it is opened and another for when a cash lift is performed when theres too much cash in the till, this task also logs the amount removed

This is my report setup for tasks, but i cant seem to find where to add the actual task type so it only show the report for a certain task, currently the below settings are combining the two tasks into one report

{REPORT TASK DETAILS:T.Name,T.TaskType,T.StartDate,T.StartTime,TSC.Value}

My two task types are called “Open Drawer Log” and “Cash Amount Lifted”

I cant find on the forum where to add those task type names correctly to the reporting tags, i know it is something like T.TaskType:(Open Drawer Log) but thats not quite right


To filter by Task Type use:
(TST= <Task Type>)

You can also filter by a value in the Task Field:
(TSC.<Task Field>=<value>)

Try this:
{REPORT TASK DETAILS:T.Name,T.TaskType,T.StartDate,T.StartTime,TSC.Value:(TST=Open Drawer Log)}

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Hey Rick If you ever get the time can you share with me your full system for Cash In Cash Out and your logging?

That half works, it does not split the report but because the (TST=Open Drawer Log) is attached to TSC.Value with the colon it now makes that Value column blank

I guess the way to fix it is to put T.TaskType:(TST=Open Drawer Log) at the end but i didnt really want the task description at the end, ill test this now and see what it does

Yea course I can, itll prob be easier for me to PM you a clean backup of my database and show you screen shots of how it works and then you can see the actions and rules, youll probably find better ways of doing some of the stuff ive done lol

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so this report expression now gives this report

[Open Cash Drawer Report:20,15,10,30,45]
>>Name|Date|Time|Open Drawer Reason|Task Type
{REPORT TASK DETAILS:T.Name,T.StartDate,T.StartTime,TSC.Reason,T.TaskType:(TST=Open Drawer Log)}


and this report expression gives this report
[Cash Lift Report:1,1,1,2,2]
>>Name|Date|Time|Cash Lift Value|Task Type
{REPORT TASK DETAILS:T.Name,T.StartDate,T.StartTime,TSC.Value,T.TaskType:(TST=Cash Amount Lifted)}


Which is perfect and both reports are now split, however you can only do that if the task type filter is at the end of the expression, if its not som eof the other columns dont populate the data

I dont really need to see that column is there a way to hide the task type column from the end but still have the report filter by that task type?

The report doesn’t work right with not including the T.TaskType field? It should…Strange.

I have this report:

[Finished Tasks by User:1,1,1,1]
>Task Name|Finsished Date|Finished Time|Name
{REPORT OPEN TASK DETAILS:TSC.Task Label,TSC.Finished Date,TSC.Finished Time,TSC.UserName:(TST=DailyTasks) && (TSC.Task State=Finished) && (TSC.UserName=$1)}

I didn’t include the field for Task Type, just as a constraint.

Yep ive got it to work, i thought you needed to have T.TaskType and then colon to filter by task type name, didnt realise you could just completely leave out T.TaskType and just add the filter to the end

Perfect reports now:


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