Reports by minutes

Is there a way to generate a reprort beetween say 5PM and 10PM on 5/10/16 I had a client who frogot to change work periods, and they now need the report for the two time periods.

Pretty sure reports only work on work periods…
SQL would bypass this but obviously not as simple as using report tags.
If just sales and payments can just use ticket payment tables for totals.
Depends how much detail you need.

They need the total item counts and total price which were gifted with a GSatus of event between 5pm-8PM, an event coordinator is paying for everything during this period.

OK so SQL would probably be quite tricky.

Never tried and not seen mentioned on forum before but ork period table is only start and end datestamps… checked a couple of tables and couldnt see and reference to workperiod id so if it is just using the timestamp should be possible to manually ‘adjust’ the work periods…
Could maybe try manually adding a work period break…
NEVER TRIED so if you try be sure to backup… and share what happens.

Im aware it’s tricky, im a bit scared to put a workperiod in because isnt there more than just the workperiod table? like dont orders have a refrence to the workperiod ID?

Does it? wheres that?

Yes you can make a report that does that. You could get fancy and use report widget on custom screen and make a date/time selector for range.

The work period restriction is for the default report view screen but a custom report widget on custom entity screen is immune to it.

We even have an action that can set date filter on the widget. I demonstrated it in a thread before. I used editor widget to enter date and it filtered the report widget.


trigger a script at the end of the time to ask if they would like to open/close a work period? wont happen again then :slight_smile:

Print report and open cash drawer on work period end also a good way 1 action covering 3 EOD requirments - people always prefer the quickest option at the end of the shift LOL :slight_smile: only started doing to ensure drawer was open at work period end before custom nav screen as couldnt no sale from pos after closing period LOL but done ever since on every setup

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don’t you sleep?

Well this worked perfectly :slight_smile:

The issue was that it was a custom scenario where someone was paying for all the order beeetween 2 hour, meaning that the staff didnt know to close and reopen work periods.

I genrally dont have to worry about staff not closing. My Second screen has a custom closed one which they rely on to stop cusotmers coming up to order, the staff like having the sign up and to have it up they need to close the working period