Reports issue in Samba POS


Good day everyone, please i have a couple of issues and i really hope it can be resolved,

  1. First of all, i want to be able to run a Sales Margin report with all the necessary fields is should have and be able to export such report to excel.

  2. secondly, most of the other reports available i can run, but cant be saved as an excel(.xls) document rather its in xps file extension

  3. currently have a restaurant implementation and a situation arises when some stock/products left over to the next day are actually spoilt/damaged, how do i rectify/decrease this on the system and account for it.

Thanks…please any suggestions am open to answers…


Hello @Raphael9630 first of all you should follow our guidelines for better communication. Here are some examples for you to categorize posts properly.

How to use export to excel feature?     >   Question
Excel export function crashes.          >   Issue
We need excel export function.          >   Request

You can find more info here.


Okay @Emre, i will do just that.