Reports on limted character printer


This is the first time i’m touching reports so I’m a bit confused… I would like to setup reports to print on my label printer which has a Line character count of 31 so its pretty narrrow, do I have to setup it all manually?
Ill post some photos of my progress trying to achieve what I have done.

My first try didnt go too well

I then tried to save it as an xps document and then print it
I succeded in getting everytihng on the page but it looked pretty small comapred to the paper size

I then set the printer to be html and It looked ok I guess

Setting the printer to be Windows And i got similar to what I wanted but still everything was too big

Trying out a work period report with the windows printer. How come the sizing of the table (The % sales looks really different to the one above)?

And finally I took a screenshot of the xps document and pasted it into my printer software and I got what I wanted

However ^ is far too time intestive and hard to do on a touch screen so I woud need to produce that sort of result through samba, is it possible?

Anyone with suggestions to try and do?