Reports - Unable to divide by a non-whole number


Hmm rate values might be ignored…

As a temporary solution you can try modifying rate field from MSSMS. That will probably work fine but of course don’t forget to backup before changing it.


I’ll give it a shot. I just need a little time to figure it out…I’ll figure it out.

As far as the reports go, I think Kendash is on to something with a decimal point being used as a syntax for fields. Any way of breaking it out?


That should work fine.

ALTER TABLE TaxTemplates ALTER COLUMN Rate decimal(16,4)

I’m not sure if I’m fully getting it or not but I don’t think that will break anything.

PS: Even it works fine or not I’ll add a decimal scale setting for rate values on next update.


I ran the code you posted. Thanks! The database does have and show 4 decimal places. However I am unable to save the changes in the 3rd (& 4th) decimal place in SambaPOS. It reverts back to 6.8700.

The changes you are planning on making, would 3 (or 4) decimal places needed in the whole database? Would it be possible to just to have the Sales Tax rate have 3 decimal places (or 4)?


I was able to change the tax rate through MSSMS to 6.8750%. It didn’t break SambaPOS after a few test transaction. I also changed the database decimal places back to 2 decimal places without breaking anything in SambaPOS…that I have ran across.


Odd that yours wont let you set it in SambaPOS but mine will.