Reports work period and tips


thank you in advance for your help

i am having 2 report issues

  1. waiters tip report is off every time, it seems the last transactions dont reflect the report and their tip report is off by 10 even 20 dollars
    here some screen shots of the tip report
    (not sure if its because of the taxes or what it is) waiters get 15% tip from all sales the make not including taxes

[Server Sales Details: 3,2,3,2,2]


  1. the work period report is also short always saying i have 100 up to 150 dollars more than what actually is in the register
    not sure what can be causing this
    also the credit card processing is also off not coinsiding with what the card terminal report says

please let me know if you need more details or anything that can point into the solution.

Your not working it out expecting it to be payment+tip=total are you?

for the work period report not,
the system gives me all those values separate

actually for the tip report i would like to display all the current waiter transactions and the tip SUM at the end just dont know how to do that

That’s what im asking though, your not adding tips to payments total are you when cashing up?
Payments will equate to sales + tips not payments + tips = total money.
Just trying to confirm your not miscalculating when cashing up.

im not adding tips to total no, its not a miss calculation on my side.

Ok, but not sure what I’m looking at in your screenshot…
Payment doesn’t match sales as you have many unpaid/locked tickets…

i couldnt upload a report now because the restaurant is open until 4am so it wont be until tomorrow.

however i wonder if maybe you know if there could be any delay on order to show up on the report i 6 terminals and 1 is the main computer, however the reports are printed on one of the terminals and not the main computer, not sure if this could affect the reports in any way

Sure they are not printing before doing end of day? Check for unpaid tickets in the state part.
Used to get this allot in one place they printed before closing work period then noticed there was open tickets still when trying to close, they then cashed those off and ended wp but didn’t reprint report.

If so easiest solution it to make a work period closed rule to print report so report printed is always the final eod one.
You can check also by reprinting the wp report and comparing.

ok sound like a posibility, will do that today! and will check on next reports.

how about for the tip report?

the report does not reflect the latest transaction closed and i would like to have all the transactions displayed for each current waiter (i have about 20)

this is the custome report currently used, not sure if there is a better one or errors on this one
should be something like

Current User
Total Cash Sales
Total Card Sales
Subtotal (cash + cards)
Total Taxes
Grand Total (cash + cards + tax)
Tips = (cash+cards) * 15%

Current User
work period transactions
Ticket# | User | Total amount | Tip
Ticket# | User | Total amount | Tip
Ticket# | User | Total amount | Tip
Ticket# | User | Total amount | Tip
Ticket# | User | Total amount | Tip
and so on…

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