Reprint Customer Receipt: How to create a Paid ticket Reprint Customer Receipt button

This tutorial will explain how to design a Reprint Customer Receipt button and make it only show up in the Ticket Lister It is similar and inspired from a tutorial Emre wrote but it goes into more specifics for a customer receipt and how to tag it with the Reprint Copy header.

Database Tools Module Import File: For those of you with the Database Tools module purchased and installed.

Reprint (1.6 KB)

Operational Flow:

You may have a customer that requests a copy of their receipt because they lost it or may need it for tax purposes. You would first go to the Ticket Lister to search and find the Paid Ticket:

You would select the ticket and press Display:

To reprint the customer receipt you would simply press the Reprint Customer Receipt button and a new receipt with a header saying Duplicate Copy would print.

If you wish to change Payment Type example: Cash to Credit (Cashier accidentally pressed wrong type):
Press the Cancel Settled Payment button and settle the ticket again.

Example of reprinted receipt:

Create a Reprint Customer Receipt Print Job:

Create a Customer Reprint Template and add the Reprint Copy header at the top:

Create a Reprint Customer Receipt automation command:

Add a Mapping and set Enabled States to Paid and Visible States to Paid

Create a Re-Open Settled Ticket automation command:

Enter Paid for Visible States Mapping:

Create a Display Ticket action:

Create a Cancel Ticket Payments action:

Create an Execute Print Job action and select Reprint Customer Receipt print job name:

Create a Reopen Closed Ticket action:

Create a Automation Command Executed rule:

Create an Automation Command Executed rule:



Why I cant seem to do this in my current database? I only wanted to use the reprint receipt functionality, but I am having a hard time accomplishing it because the re-open button is always disabled. I am using the current database that you have set up for me. If its not too much to ask could you maybe take a look why its not being enabled?



Check the Button (Automation Command) mapping to ensure Enabled States is BLANK, not *.


What @qmckay said is crucial. It will not work otherwise.

You do not need to reopen to reprint receipt btw. Just put your print button on ticket and make enabled blank on it as well.

That did the trick. I was putting Paid and Paid on the Enabled States and Visible States.

Thanks @QMcKay and @Jesse.

What mappings should we add to “Reprint customer Receipt” rule and “Re-Open Settled Ticket” ?

I managed to create the 3 buttons for “Reprint Customer Receipt” “Re Open Settled Ticket” and “Cancel Ticket Payment”, but “Reprint Customer Receipt” and “Cancel Ticket Payment” buttons are not click-able.

Thanks for your help.

5 posts up @QMcKay showed you a picture of it. Maybe you missed that?

I mapped it that way (Enabled States is BLANK, not *). Now the buttons are all clickable but nothing is happening when I click the “reprint customer ticket” button or “Cancel ticket payment”.

“Re-open Settled Ticket” is working fine.

So check related rules that handles the button click for missing mappings or possible typos.