Reservation list error message

hi there , i install the reservation page from configuration tasks in samba pos v5 app . at the first time it works perfectly , after a while this message shown in reservation list screen "input array in longer than the number of columns in this table "

please help me :woozy_face:

In Manage->Reports, there should be Plain Reservation List report. Does the report show anything? You may have an invalid character. Possibly a Pipe Character.

Here is the problem … how can i delete the data ?

Was there a comma or special character in the notes?
Show the report.
You may was to specify a special delimiter perhaps, know it helps when doing @declair lists.

Looks like it’s the use of + as the other line that contains a + the columns are off too

I was able to reproduce the error by putting a pipe in the name column. It looks like he did it in the notes column.

I’ll post a way to fix it as soon as I get some time later today.

The other + looks ok to me. Same width.
The merged columns is similar to others without a +

Hopefully this will fix the Reservation invalid charter.

!!Back your database before trying this!!
We need to create 3 new actions:

We will used this first action to temporary store the the reservation number:
Name: Update Program Setting-Update-Generic
Action: Update Program Setting
Setting Name: [:Setting Name]
Setting Value: [:Setting Value]
Update Type: Update
Is Local: [:Is Local T/F]

This action will be used to trigger another Automation Command:
Action Name: Execute Automation Command-Generic
Action Type: Execute Automation Command
Automation Command Name: [:Automation Cmmnd Name]
Command Value: [:Command Value]
Background: [:Background T/F] Delay: [:Delay]`

This action will update the 2 fields that allow invalid characters:
Action Name: RZV Update Reservation-Fix
Action Type: Update Task
Task Type Name: Reservation
Name: Reservation
Content: [:Notes]
Custom Fields: Name=[:Name]

1 - Automation command button:

Name: RZV Fix Reservation Field
Button Header: Fix\rReservation
Mapping: User Role:Admin & Visiblity:Ticket

Rule (1 of 2):

Rule Name: RZV Fix Fields - Step 1
Event Name: Automation Command Executed
Automation Command Name Equals RZV Fix Reservation Field

Actions (1 of 2): Update Program Setting-Update-Generic
Constraint: (blank)
Setting Name: RZV-FixField
Setting Value: [?Enter Reservation Number;;{REPORT OPEN TASK DETAILS:T.Identifier.desc:(TST=Reservation):|};OCN]
Is Local T/F: True

Actions (2 of2): Execute Automation Command-Generic
Constraint: (blank)
Automation Cmmnd Name: RZV Fix Reservation Field Step 2
Command Value: (blank)
Background T/F: (blank)
Delay: (blank)

Rule (2 of 2):

Rule Name: RZV Fix Fields - Step 2
Event Name: Automation Command Executed
Automation Command Name Equals RZV Fix Reservation Field Step 2

Actions (1 of 2): RZV Update Reservation-Fix
Constraint: (blank)
Reservation Id: {LOCAL SETTING:RZV-FixField}
Notes: [?Notes Field to Fix;;{REPORT OPEN TASK DETAILS:T.Content:(TST=Reservation) && T.Identifier="{LOCAL SETTING:RZV-FixField}"};OCN]
Name: [?Name Field to Fix;;{REPORT OPEN TASK DETAILS:TSC.Name:(TST=Reservation) && T.Identifier="{LOCAL SETTING:RZV-FixField}"};OCN]

Actions (2 of 2): Display Ticket (this action should be in you system)
Constraint: (blank)
Ticket ID: (blank)

On your POS screen you will have a button called “Fix Reservation”. When you click it this pop-up will come up:

In the upper right hand corner will be a drop down with a listing of Reservation Id’s, ordered from the most recent to the oldest. (This list will be dynamic, meaning if you need to use this in the future it will populate all your current Reservation numbers.) Select the Reservation Id that has the problem. (Or you can type the reservation number in by hand). Then click OK.

After clicking another popup will come up. This popup will have the information from the Reservation number displayed, from the 2 fields that will only allow invalid characters.

Here is where you can fix the field. If you have a pipe character, you will see a drop down of the text that has been split by the pipe character. Manual enter in the all the text (no pipe characters :wink: ). Click OK to save the information. Bring up the reservation screen to see if it worked.

If it did work, having the “Fix Reservation” button on the screen won’t be necessary. You can leave it there for just the Admin. Or you can the delete the mapping to the Automation Commands. If you ever need it again, just remap it.


Hi Bob_Be,

Thank you for your help, I have done all the steps but there is no Botton Called “Fix Reservation” that appears in POS Screen,

This button should appear on the left side of the POS screen (the screen where you enter orders in). The button is not on the reservation screen. If you map the User Role to Admin, then only the Admin will be able to see it.

When you click it it should give you a screen similar to this (the numbers will be different):

Grate thats funded, But when i click on it the program git stuck… whens i review the steps i found one of steps not funded in Rule ‘RVZ Fiz-Fields -Step 2’ the RVZ fix Reservation Field step 2" action is not founded, i think you forget to add it .

The names that appear in the drop down are the automation command buttons created in Manage->Automation->Automation Commands. However SambaPOS has the ability to create virtual buttons (buttons that do not need be pressed). This is useful to pass information from one rule to another. This is what is happening to fix the fields:

RZV Fix Fields - Step 1 - Is used to select (or enter) the Reservation number. That number is then passed to the second rule, using a virtual button.
RZV Fix Fields - Step 2 - is taking the number entered in from the previous rule and displaying information associated with the reservation number.

The alternative would be to have 2 buttons to press. A user would have to press the first button (Named RZV Fix Fields - Step 1). After selecting or entering the number, the popup would close. Then the user would have to select the 2nd button (named RZV Fix Fields - Step 2) to fix the fields. This method would rely on the user to push the buttons on screen in the right order.

The way SambaPOS works, the process can not be done in one rule. It has to be split up into 2 rules.

You will need to type in the name RZV Fix Reservation Field Step 2 in the rule you show in your screen shot.

I’ll admit the way I wrote this is a little hard to read/understand. I have improved my posting ability for this form since then.

Bob, i think you did;t git my point,

In Custom Constraint list
there is " RZV Fix Reservation Field step 2" which is not appear in my case

You have to type it in.

Drop down only shows command names for buttons set in automation command config.
You can freetype command names in actions like ask question or execute automation command etc and catch by freetyping constraint.