Reservation Setup Beta


I’ve never changed anything in my void automation…

What would I look for in my Ticket State?


I meant mapping for automation command not the rule.


OK I see what happened here. So for Void Automation Command add the following in your mapping for both visible and Enabled

GStatus=Reservation Item


That was it! Thanks a lot!!


Hi there,
anyone has a tutorial how to integrate Google Calendar with reservation into SambaPOS v5 5.2.14?

I’ve been looking into the forum, I’ve seen API module for google calendar but have no idea how to use in reservation.



Just noticed that if a server is punching in a reservation on one terminal and another server rings something in on the other terminal it wipes out everything that was typed for the reservation (only if its before they get to save the reservation). Is this an issue with my message server or a firewall issue?


Probably a screen refresh issue. Turn auto refresh off for that screen.


I have same issue: when trying to punch a reservation, and any other terminal rings something, it erases data. I did as kendash suggested, turn out auto refresh; yet Im still having same issue.


I just turned off the auto refresh for the Custom Report Widget and it worked for me. Not sure if this matters but my Entity Screen is Custom not Layout.


I heard some issue like that before. That was probably relates with updates while searching for a customer. For next update I added a feature to delay Auto Updates when operator starts typing.

With that setting Auto Refresh will start working 10 seconds after the last key pressed. As delay resets on each key press 10 seconds will work fine but depending on typing speed of the operator that duration might be increased or decreased.

So when this setting is enabled there is no need to disable Auto Update of widgets.


How you make it print only the current workperiod? Also, do you have issues with the keyboard? Specifically if you try to backspace one the phone number or time boxes.


Excellent setup!!

Where can I find more information on how the “Reservation List” report works? I see there are a "[# " but how does it work? e.g why is the Notes not printed on the report?

{REPORT OPEN TASK DETAILS:TSC.Name,TSC.Phone,TSC.Table,TSC.Pax,TSC.Date,TSC.Time,T.Content,T.Identifier,TSC.TicketId,TSC.Amount,T.State:(TST=Reservation)}