Reservation Setup Beta

OK I remembered the issue. You need to create an additional action to be able to tell SambaPOS which ticket type you want to use when you switch back from reservation screen.

Just call it after Navigate Module Action. You can use it everytime you navigate away from POS screen by automation to ensure you’ll switch ticket type back.

So you can keep Reservation Screen’s ticket type as Reservation Ticket and you’ll be able to create reservation tickets.

Thanks a lot master now everything is working as expected thanks very much

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Also it will be a good idea to clear entity type for the reservation screen so it won’t appear when you attempt to select a table for ticket.

Were you able to solve the problem with the order tags?

I ended up recreating the reservation system to fit our needs.

I looked at the default reservation setup again and found how to fix the problem of not being able to add order tags.

But I also noticed that when a ticket is converted from a reservation ticket (what really happens is a new ticket is created and items are moved from the reservation ticket to the new ticket) the items that are moved, is not allowing order tags…before and after the fix. I’m trying to how to fix that problem also.

Give me a day or 2 to come up with a solution.

I think I found a solution for both problems.

1st problem: Adding Order Tags to orders (reservation ticket)

Step 1 of 2
In the rule “RZV Handle Reservation Orders” we need to remove the first action “RSV Setup Reservation Order” action.

Step 2 of 2
Add rule

Rule Name: RZV Process Ordered Items
Event: Before Ticket Closing
Custom Constraint: Ticket Type Name Equals Reservation Ticket
Actions (1 of 2): RZV Select Reservation Items
Actions (2 of 2): RZV Setup Reservation Order


Now instead of the “RZV Setup Reservation Order” being processed as the order it entered, it will apply to all Reservation orders (except Deposit orders) before ticket closing, allowing order tags to be entered on the reservation ticket. The constraint will only apply this to Reservation Tickets.

2nd Problem: Adding Order Tags after customer arrived (orders being converted from a Reservation ticket to a regular ticket)

Step 1 (1 of 2)
Add action

Action Name: RZV Update Order-Locked (False)
Action Type: Update Order
Quantity: (Blank)
Price: (Blank)
Portion Name: (Blank)
Price Tag: (Blank)
Increase Inventory: (Blank)
Decrease Inventory: (Blank)
Calculate Price: (Blank)
Locked: False
Disable Portion Selection: (Blank)
Tax Template: (Blank)
Account Transaction Type: (Blank)
Warehouse Name: (Blank)
Update All Orders: (Blank)
Require Selection: (Blank)


Step 2 (2 of 2)
Add newly created action to the Rule “RZV Convert To Reservation”

Now after a customer has been Checked-In and the Reservation Ticket has been converted to a regular ticket, Order Tags can be added or changed to converted orders. After the ticket is closed, all orders will be treated normally.

I did all the steps you mentioned but after creating ticket, if I would edit the ticket to add more items it loses its reservation item status.

Btw I dont have any automation command as Create ticket from Reservation.

I’m not sure if you doing it right. Here is how it should be done as far as booking the reservation and adding items to a reservation ticket:


After checking in customer on the reservation screen. You need to go to your tables screen and select the Check-In table to convert it to a regular ticket. It does it automatically.


Is this they way you are doing it?

I am sorry I guess I misunderstood. It works perfectly. Thank you so much.

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I know some time passed after this post but lately I ran into a problem. If Reservation Ticket button used to place orders , a problem occurs with the Tax and Total Price. For example our Pepperoni Pizza is 23. If I add it to the ticket using Reservation Ticket it would charge 23 + Tax . Normally 23 should be tax included. This only happens if I use Reservation Ticket button. If I Check in and use the other screens to create an order it wouldnt happen.

There is an option to include tax in Ticket Types. Manage->Tickets->Ticket Types.

Omg I cant believe I missed that. Thank you so much.

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Is there anyone who has used a deposit in the reservation configuration that has managed to create a working receipt ticket?

What is happening to me is that I add items to the reservation ticket, and then you add the deposit which adds the deposit notation to the ticket as a line item, and takes the payment.

If someone orders something for $75 and provides a $75 deposit, it ends showing:

Item $75
Deposit $75

And then a total of $150 as the total that prints on the customers receipt showing a payment for the deposit amount. The overall total should only be $75.

I’ve been trying to get it to show the item for $75 and the deposit as a negative deduction amount to be reflected in the total.

I think it’s normal behavior for a reservation ticket to show the deposit as a positive amount, since it is later converted to a discount on the regular ticket but this is confusing for receipt purposes.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Maybe just print an account transaction receipt and not a ticket receipt.

To be honest I dont know why you would even add a deposit if its for the full item amount. Why not just ring up the item and pay the ticket without adding a deposit. Does that mess up the reservation?

When the Reservation Ticket gets converted to a regular ticket, the ordered items (not the deposit) gets moved to a new ticket. The original reservation ticket gets converted to a regular ticket also, but retains the deposit item, payment and original date. You should end up with 2 tickets (with 2 different dates) when all said and done.

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The reservation with the deposit can contain items beyond the deposit that will be paid on the day of the reservation. Sometimes they are adjusted on the day of, or even the deposit itself can be refunded as a credit toward other items. It can get complicated. We have most of it working other than a deposit receipt.

Can that transaction receipt be triggered with the deposit payment?

If a payment is being made and a transaction is initiated to move money into accounts then yes you can print that transaction with an action. Look up Print Account Transaction action.