Reset system, keep one entity type?

Obviously haven’t done this before so completely in the dark on this one.

We are having a complete refit, a complete change of menu new name and new LTD company. We have 2 types of entity, ones for gift card/accounts and one for loyalty. We don’t have much in gift card, so we will announce the end of that but we have many customers with loads… and some have seriously loads… of loyalty points.

We will honour them on the change over. So we want to completely reset the till back to 0 transactions but keep the loyalty entity.

Is this something easily achievable? Or shall I just start from scratch and manually add each loyalty? (Couple hundred)


Clear transactions won’t won’t wipe entities if that’s what your asking. And points would depend on how they are saved.

Saved on entity data.

I wasn’t asking that, but now you mention it… it’s obvious. I was thinking of a fresh start but that might be easier actually.

How about deleting some of the entities… I’m guessing if transactions are cleared I could donthat anyway

Yep, without transaction you can then delete previously used entities.
Each new property in the hotel group I took a frech backup cleared transactions and updated menu. I havn’t tested but at the time there were the odd detail that was missed in the import export options - thing it was state formatting definitions I noticed. Likely fixed since then but its still just as easy to strip down a backup.

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Cheers. X

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