[RESOLVED] Formatting tags not correct for ticket header

The update application subtitle title field doesnt fully accept the correct formatting and wont allow all the close tags for the tags use. Here’s my example

This should be the correct formatting

<font calibri><block 0,0,0,0 #FF4BACC6 center 600><size 70>New Sale</size></block></font>

however it doesnt matter what the tag is, but whatever is last (in this case font) having the close tag doesnt work as below

for the formatting to appear correctly i have to remove the last close tag (it doesnt matter how i order the tags, which ever is last has this issue) it is as if Samba just automatically closes the last tag without the need for us to actually enter it in the formatting. See below example, this is the incorrect formatted tag, but it actually works as if all close tags are present

<font calibri><block 0,0,0,0 #FF4BACC6 center 600><size 70>New Sale</size></block>

this is the output

not a major issue but it stumped me for a while before i figured it out :slight_smile:


We’re processing it like a printer template to allow you to use ticket printing tags on header. Normally we try to handle that but you can start title with <L> tag to ensure tags processed correctly.


cheers Emre that works perfect! :slight_smile:

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that also solved why the size tag didnt work and didnt actually change the size of the text either :slight_smile: