[Resolved] Intermitent bug with bill print

Hey guys . I’ve been setting up a few samba systems across the west coast lately.(which is always a good thing). I have been contacting sites regularly for check up purposes and system updates. Some users have reported an issue with Bill print. Where occasionally the customer receipt would not print the whole order but on kitchen print shows the entire order. Initially I thought it’s May have something to do with specific items or print .Settings within samba I checked the templates also and I could not find anything that could cause such thing to occur. I notified the users to keep a record of the dockets for each time it occurs to see if I can find a pattern. However it seems to do it randomly.

View screenshot for live example.

I will upload printer settings rules and actions later when I’m back at the office.

This seems to occur not just on one site but multiple.

Any ideas?

That does not demonstrates a bug. Maybe they voided it. Seeing actual ticket might give a better idea.

You said you cant see a problem with the template however sometimes an experts eyes spots things you might have missed so show your template for us to inspect. Like Emre said show the ticket as well.

Alright I’ll go on one of the sites and check the ticket of that date, take a snapshot and post it. I’ll also post the template. You’re right maybe your eyes are better than mine, as I know for sure your expertise is :slightly_smiling:. I’ll keep you updated

If you post the template just copy and paste the actual template code here then highlight it and use the </> button to format it. We can read this better than a screenshot.

Follow this post.

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Nice Find. I will attempt this as soon as I get onsite and monitor to see if the issue persists.