[Resolved] Issue with account screen not balancing


I have set up an exact cash button under the screen receipt so if a customer gives the exact cash we can just press this button to complete the sale as shown below (I also set up the credit/Debit button next to this exact cash button and that works perfectly fine)

As you can see the red bar at the top says tendered £2.00 as the item was £2.00 so this part of the exact cash button works perfectly! Also on the next 2 screenshots I have viewed the closed ticket and it shows that £2.00 was tendered and the total transaction was for £2.00

The problem I have is that on the accounts screen the transaction is showing as double the amount, ie £4 (i have closed the work period and opened a new one so this £2.00 transaction is the only transaction)

How can i stop this amount doubling so it just shows the correct ticket transaction value, if i use my payment (settle) button and use the cash button on the payment screen this issue does not happen, so how can i re-create that in my quick exact cash button?

Also is there a way to change to columns of the table around so i can switch debit and credit as this setup reads like debit is when we have taken money from the customer and credit would be when we have refunded them. Id like for ease of read for credit to be money into the till and debit to be for refunds and cash out of the till.


We would need to see how you setup your exact cash button… something is wrong with it.

Your thinking about the accounting the wrong way. You would not want to switch it around it would not be accurate.

Same as my fast credit/debit card button, see below

link the Fast Payment Exact Cash action please.

Sorry here it is

just tried my fast cash £5 button and the same thing happens so looks like it does it for all my fast cash button :frowning:

You are using the tendered amount balance… tendered amount means you already accepted payment… it was tendered… then your taking that balance again when you hit your button. Your tendering twice

Try leaving tendered amount blank. and add your action to the rule again see what that does

i tried that and it still does it, do i need to log out and back in? ill try that again

Always have to log out and back in… you also have to take the action out of the rule… save it… readd action then log out log in

In your action where you have [:Balance] that should be blank… do not put anything there

still does it, ive left it blank, logged out and back in, the removed the action from the rule logged out and back in and re added the action to the rule and it still doubles :frowning:

Hmm it works fine on mine with same setup.

Where is your receivables account

hidden it ill add it and redo screen shot now

Did you do anything with your accounting? LIke transaction types or anything?

i have had a play about with it, but i looked at a demo database and checked to make sure everything was back as it was, i dont think i missed anything i checked it all twice

Well if you did what I said to the action and its still doubling it… its got to be something with your accounting.

PM me a zip file of your database backup. I’ll check it.

just sent, thank for checking it