[Resolved] - No Pop-Up For Order Tags

Hi All, I’ve implemented this:
But I don’t receive the pop-up. The modifiers are there when I select the ordered product so I can do it from there but the pop-up is the preferred way forward. Any ideas what could be wrong?

Show some screenshots, hard to tell the problem without more info. Expect there is a mistake somewhere.

The most common mistake made here ;

Important Note:

The name of tag group will be used in the rule to find the match (In the example “ Choice Of ”)

@Banned Yes that was it, Cheers!

However the item is not ‘Tagged’ when it shows up in the order list.

If you saw this unedited post, ignore it, I’m an idiot.

My issue was that there were a couple of fields that had:
Command Name: none
I had assumed that ‘none’ was blank so didn’t type that in.
All sorted now, thanks for all your help :+1: