[Resolved] One Terminal Does not Auto Logout

OS: Windows 8.1 Home
SambaPOS 4.1.80
DB: SQL Express 2012

I have one terminal that does not auto logout when I close the ticket. All other terminals are working properly.

Issue started with SambaPOS 4.1.61 not starting. It was crashing when SambaPOS was stating. The following steps were completed to resolved this issue.

  1. Uninstalled SambaPOS 4.1.61
  2. Deleted SambaPOS folders from C:\ drive
  3. Installed SambaPOS 4.1.61. This fixed the issue of SambaPOS not starting, but auto logout broke
  4. Updated to SambaPOS 4.1.80 and auto logout is still not working.

I am not sure what else I can try, since all other terminals are working as expected.

Video Demo (Ignore warnings for Activation modules. They are fixed now.)

Thanks for your help in advance.

Probably Terminal setting inside Local Settings is not properly configured for that terminal.


Not sure what you mean. What should I change?

Also Cancel button from left side disappeared after updating to 4.1.80.


  1. I mean Local Settings > Terminal setting. Did you assigned correct setting for that terminal?

  2. Program Settings > Maintenance > Create default buttons.

Both issues are now resolved. :smile:

Any way to find out why it was crashing initially. Can I send you any logs?

Thank you very much for quick reply.

OK. You can send me a zip of log.txt under [My Documents]\SambaPOS4 folder.

Logs are PMed.

Thank you as always for your kind help.

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