[Resolved] Printer Template Display If Not Null

Hi Guys, I’ve implemented the old Pickup time thingy and it works fine. My question is can I only print it on the ticket if it has been set?

My guess was this:

[={TICKET TAG:Pickup Time}is not null? Pickup Time - {TICKET TAG:Pickup Time}]

But I think my "is not null?’ is using the wrong syntax.

Your help is appreciated :+1:

Tried these as well:

[={TICKET TAG:Pickup Time}Is Not Null Pickup Time - {TICKET TAG:Pickup Time}]

[={TICKET TAG:Pickup Time}Is Not Null? ‘Pickup Time - {TICKET TAG:Pickup Time}’]

[={TICKET TAG:Pickup Time}Is Not Null ‘Pickup Time - {TICKET TAG:Pickup Time}’]

Try this:
[=’{TICKET TAG:Pickup Time}’ == ‘’ ? ‘’: ‘Pickup Time - {TICKET TAG:Pickup Time}’]

Yep that works perfectly, cheers. Just had to retype the apostrophes as usual :+1:

Also I had to retype the (what I perceive to be) double quotes as 2 singles.