[RESOLVED] Printing by Product does not work in Print Jobs

Hi there,

I Version 4.1.32 I cannot select a Product under Print Jobs and assign it to a Printer. I am able to put it it on and when I save and go back to Print Jobs, it show a * under Product Groups and a * under Products.

I also tested the issue with Version 4.1.37 and 4.1.40 and it does the same.

Is this a Bug?


Before Save:
Attached are the sceenschots

After Save:

Try choosing a Product Group first. After that choose the Product.

Hi Emre,

that works,… will it then only print the product or the Product group as well?

What it prints depends on your printer template. What you did here is mapping a product to a printer so x product will print from y printer. For example you can map drinks to bar and foods to kitchen printer.

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Hi Emre,

Thanks …this issue can be closed. then. Sorry about that. :slight_smile: and thanks for the fast help.