[RESOLVED]SambaPOS crash no error

@emre I am really not sure what to do about this. I can reload a database but I will lose a lot of work I just did. It seems something has broken the Tiles Layout and when I enter Ticket Screen SambaPOS crashes with no error report.

I will provide more information as I test a few things.

EDIT: Just reloaded database and still crashing and tiles still crash on startup. Gonna try deleting layout files.

Deleting Layout files did nothing.

EDIT: now its even worse. I enabled rule debugger to try and spot something. Rule debugger is crashing the yellow bar to enter manage. Now I cant enter Manage lol even on restart of program. I would use a manage automation command but I dont have one and i cant enter manage to make one :frowning:

EDIT: I managed to get rule debugger turned off. But still having the crash. I am going to try to figure this out but its very strange.

Ok I figured it out. Never would have thought this was the cause… but I was messing around with the script to help JTRTech and I saved it with a name but no handler… if you leave a script with no handler apparently it causes this.

@emre you might want to prevent that somehow. It completely disabled my entire system and someone new would have no clue whats going on.


I would say ‘please joe or JTR is fine’ but then I always find myself referring to you as your username.
Sorry, glad you got resolved quickly…