Restaurant: Merging table - Ticket numbers


We are using SambaPOS for 2 days now and I have an (important for me) question.

Sometimes - quite often - it happens that we have to merge tables, let’s say we have:

Ticket #	Table		amount
23		A		2.00
24		B		5.00

We merge table A and B:

Ticket #	Table		amount
23		A		0.00
24		B		0.00
25		A		7.00

Here is my problem: we have 2 tickets with 0.00 amount. At the end of the day we have lots of.
Zero Tickets are interpreted by the SUNAT (autoritaire tax organism from peru) as error or fraud.

While they accept some errors, especially at the beginning, when using new software, they will not accept reccurent Zero Tickets and they will send inspectors.

Work arround is easy, not merging tables, however it is a cool function that I like to use.
And sometimes we must use it as the customer wants one single ticket.

I guess that’s the way it is, but maybe somebody knows a way of avoiding Zero Tickets.



That was how SambaPOS V1 was working and later we decided to keep these tickets open to prevent fraud :slight_smile: For example we saw personnel who merge tickets on a unused table instead of settling them. Before ending work period they settle it as credit card, use their credit card to pay tickets and get remaining cash. When we keep original ticket number and free other merged numbers such things won’t be visible.

We generally enable logging on tickets and log ticket merging operations on tickets. So you can review zero ticket logs later.

Our general idea is we never let tickets to disappear by using operational SambaPOS features. Of course I don’t say this is the final implementation. We frequently change implementation to fit SambaPOS to community needs. I’d like to hear ideas about that.

Hi Emre, thank you for your concern.
I like the way SambaPOS is currently working, it’s clear, square and robust.

This is just that here in Peru, the law/SUNAT (Tax) are so … .
Actually they don’t care about the soft, they just care about the paper printed out, and that paper must follow lots of rules, like for instance, ticket numbers correlated and not one missing.

I’ll try to implement a counter, an kind of alternative ticket number that will be incremented at the time of printing the bill .