Restricting Non Admin Users to not be able to see Tickets Totals

Sometime staff need to go through old tickets and print bills etc. So they need to be able to go into the tickets. However they should not be able to view the ticket totals/business takings etc.

Maybe you can add a check box “Can Display Ticket Totals” under Ticket Permissions

I think this will be very handy.

Since he can reprint the ticket what is the benefit of hiding ticket total on screen?

Hi Emre,

Sorry I meant the total of all tickets not individual tickets. So a user can go into the tickets section select all tickets and at the bottom they can see how much has been made for that day. This should be confidential to the business owner.

Hi Emre,

I agree it would useful to disable Ticket Totals under Ticket screen:


Right click there and click Sum

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@emre you love your hidden features :wink:
This is great as only Admins can change this. Cool feature.

excellent thanks you!!

Agreed Great Feature, it would be even better if we can leave it on for Admins and off Operators.

The features works. However, I would like to gives access to the Staff to taking orders and also have access to the Tickets screen (without Total Sum.) and NO access to Accounts or any other options screens.

Currently there is no option under user Role list to do this unless I’m missing something.

If you select ‘Can Enter Navigation Screen’ Both Accounts screen and Ticket screen is displayed.

I want to restrict staff from accessing the Accounts screen.

Staff should be able to Access:
Work Periods
and Tickets screen ( with No total Sum, solution provided already).


Uncheck can Enter Cash Screen. :smile: and you will end up with this:


lol, thanks I’m new to this…