Restriction for punching buttons

Hi i want to put restriction for punching button same as order tag. as we punch a button in order tag again if we punch new item button then previous punch button will get remove and new button will be added like that i want to do it for normal product as i have share gif file of order tag and product. so same restriction i want for products can any one help me please.

I’m pretty sure that’s not possible with Products.

I mean, it is possible with a lot of Rules and Actions, but it gets complicated and you might need to pay someone to do that.

How would you add multiple items if it removes items?

That request makes no sense, your comparing two completely different aspects, order tags and products/orders them selves.
Your example doesn’t make much sense either.
Order tags for coke, Pepsi, tea and coffee on can of coke?
Perhaps if you offered a real world example we might be able to suggest alternate route to your aim.

Its a restriction for punching button. order tag i show as example like that restriction i want to make for products like in pizza i have arabic coffee i punch tht button again in same pizza if i want to punch moroccan tea then arabic coffe shuld get remove auto from ticket and mororcon coffe shuld be added. And i share the gif file coz my english is not good im sorry for this

So you only ever want one product sold?

What if someone orders the tea and the coffee what would you do?

No this is combo deal only like example hotdrinks is the combo meal name in tht we have pizza product drinks product bar product and food products. if customer ask i want hotdrinks combo deal then we give him choice select any one product from pizza then one product from food one product from drink one product from bar.

combo deal
hot drinks
pizza= 1 mutton pizza
bar = salad
food= garlic bread
drinks = Pepsi

above is the combo deal package when customer order hot drink we will give all this in the package here he can decide what he want in pizza, bar, food, drinks.

as we are putting restriction for punching buttons because staff should not be confuse in combo deal they may punch 2 extra product by mistake so here need restriction for punching buttons as we have this restriction in order tag. and why i am not using order tag because order tag will not go separate kitchen display i have 5 display but order tags cannot be separated for kitchen displays.

and particular sub category buttons should be punch one time if same sub category items they staff try to punch then old punch item auto should get remove and new item should be added same as order tag.

So what happens if a customer wants to buy 2 of the same combos? It wont let you. I think you need to really slow down and think that through.

i will make one item which will not come in sub category as we are giving restriction on sub category items not main category so i will keep one item main category and this will be with price all other sub category items will be zero price and i will tick allow zero price sale in ticket.

so if customer want 2 combo 2 times we will select main category like main category example i will give name combo 50$ and i will first punch 1 combo items then again i will punch second combo items like 2 times punching.

here is combo example how i will do 2 combo order and in this combo item is not into any sub category its in main category. you can see the gif file.

You know there is a combo feature which would group the combo items and adjust price.
From sound of it your issue is in having zero priced combo sides, which will mean duplicate products I’m guessing?
Combo setup would use normal products and group/adjust price based on a combination of included products.

yes you are right for zero price i have duplicate the products adding something additional letter into it like if i have pepsi which is price i will duplicate product with (pepsi - c) with zero price.

Ok well I still do not think this is a good idea but to help you with this you can use Cancel Orders action and set Only Last Order as true. You are going to need to really think through your flow because this could turn into something super advanced and its something I personally wouldnt want to even think about. It reminds me of a rubix cube complexity.

Also I mean this in a helping way but your history shows that most of the time you ask for others to do the work for you. I have not seen much contribution on your end that said this may be way too difficult for you and most community members will not want to attempt it for you because it doesnt make much sense.


i think we have to give some rule for particular sub category as you are showing me this will be for all products but here required for particular sub category.

I am sorry but your level of SambaPOS knowledge will make this almost impossible for you to do. All your really trying to do is create forced Combo’s? I personally would just use a single product for combo and use order tags for everything else. Why does it have to be a menu product?

If inuse order tag then items will fire all together for single kitchen display as i have 5 seprate kitchen display and order tags will not fire seprate to particular kicthen display

It worries me that you manage a complex system with 5 kitchen displays…

Again, the built in combo setup is what you want, uses seperate products and adjusts price.

If you insist on continuing on your route, you cannot constraint to menu subcategory. You would need to use say a custom product tag for those items. And likely a report order expression to count combo items and count combo sides and work out a ratio. But not going to even try and guide you.

Perhaps you should use Ask Question action to force selections and use the Grouping action to group it together. If you need to make a change then cancel the group and do it again.

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JTR what complicates his so much is that he wants to force user to only add items for combo… the combo system we made wouldnt do that… it would allow you to select non combo items.

Do you really have 5 kitchens? They are not able to communicate? That sounds really complicated to manage.

yes i have 5 kitchen screens