Rick's Tutorial 10 - Price Change Reasons (also print on receipts)


In fact show both actions pls


I fixed the [:Current Status]


Youve got 2 update order state actions in the price change rule which is why your state isnt updating properly you need to completely remove the update order status action and just leave the price change reason action, that is the one that updates the reason with PStatus

There should be a different action that updates the price, update order action i think it is


Not sure any influence, but look at [:CUrrent Status] BIG U used


You showed wrong update order status action. @Peter_Cijsouw spelling there won’t matter.

@stephanhenning Show the Update Order Status - Price Change action please.


I’m not working on this implementation, only noticed the Capital U, I know that sometimes programming is case sensitive, that’s why I did respond.


Sorry I reworded my response. Your right it’s just in that particular place it won’t. That just creates variable name. He would just end up with odd looking name but it would still work.


There are just 3 things in the rule:

  1. The automation command button set up in the custom constraint as below, where Price Change (my version) is the name you have given your price change button

  1. You need to add the price change action and enter formatting in the price field that enables the custom keyboard to appear as below

[?Enter New Price;(\d{1}.\d{2}|\d{1}\d{1}?.\d{2}|\d{1}\d{1}\d{1}?.\d{2}|\d{1}\d{1}\d{1}\d{1}?.\d{2})?|0;;OCN;49,50,51|52,53,54|55,56,57|190,48,8]
  1. The final action is the update order state action that will add the price change reason to that order line, enter the status as below


Your rule will look like this

ACTION SETUP - If this isnt correct the update order state wont work and wont show on your receipt print out

Action 1 - Price Change

Action 2 - Update Order State


Its a bit off topic but how did you get the rounded buttons like below.


First he is running v5 which is in beta atm. Those buttons are just images with no header defined in the menu properties.


I don’t see any option to define no header in V4. Is this only an option in V5?


Yep theyre just images ive assigned to the product buttons instead of having text headers. I did use images in V4, just put the image location using the <img> tag in the image path field. Leaving header blank will remove the text description from the button so just the image is displayed


for the button shape i just created the shape i wanted using the shape drawing tool in word, copied it into MS paint then copied the product image in the middle of it to create my “button”. I set the colour around the image to match the colour of Samba, this makes the button look rounded, it is in fact still square, but as i matched the colour around my rounded shape it appears to be rounded


Thank you very much for such a detailed post, I deleted and started over, I implemented your tutorial verbatim and I’m happy to tell you all works well.

I Appreciate your effort RickH

Price change item is then automatically gifted

No probs, glad it worked first time for you :slight_smile: