Round and Discount Problem Please Help

When i make a discount or round on payment screen, then i press the Cash payment type button to take payment, pos screen appearing and if i try to re-press the payment button on the POS screen, then it shows something like this:

at least i have the Cancel Payment button and i can cancel the payments which are with round or discount processes.
Here is my “Close Ticket Action” and it works inside of a rule which named " Check If Paid "

So what am i missing here :frowning:

Now i noticed i cant close any ticket with round or discount. Probably problems are connected.

What Rule Event is that? Payment Processed?

What are those Actions in the Rule? What do they do?

Post screenshots of the Actions so we can see how the parameters are set, and be sure to translate them please.

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Thank u for ur response :slight_smile:

I did hard damn work yesterday and found the problem at Transaction Types .

And i actually dont understand what they really are. I just compared settings with another DB which is based same DB and workin well. Then finally realized there are some differences.

So if anybody face problems about Discount or Round they must directly dive into this Transaction Types .

Can you please translate the screen capture have in English - I do not read the language on the screen and I also have issues with the “Settle” screen

I fixed my problem here. If u have any problem like this. Just post ur own ss.