Rounding Issue: Round up don't always work correctly

Hi all,

I’m having a glitch with rounding, I’m using calculation type to round up to nearest $0.10 after applying a 20% discount. It’s done with a Rule (clicked on payment screen), which use Update Ticket Calculation actions to apply discount and rounding

This glitch seem only happen occasionally,
ie. $2.70 * 0.8 = $2.16, which rounding will be applied and balance becomes $2.20 (working as expected)

However when apply 20% discount on ticket total is $5.40 * 0.8 = $4.32, but in this case the value doesn’t get round up for some reason.

I can’t see anything wrong with the rounding set up…

Would be great if someone can spot any mistakes in my set up.


Would you not need to define a rounding value?

I thought rounding value is set in the Rate or Amount value?? Or should be the Rounding field?

Was only a suggestion to try, not used calculations myself.

Setting a 0.10 value in the Rounding field seems to intervene any rounding to happen… :frowning:

Its not rounding up discount right? its rounding up the total after discount, is that right? if you look at your 22.20 ticket the discount is 4.44, which is rounding down to 4.40.

Yes, I have round up only, and it should round total after discount is applied.

The 1st and 3rd snapshot is when rounding is working, but some reason it doesn’t always work (ie. 2nd snapshot)