Rule to Calculation Selector Button?

i followed this tutorial i want to show on pole display if we give discount to customer or round the ticket . i have tried to give rule of these buttons whichs are calculation selector button i tried lots of things i couldnt figure it out my question is how to show on pole display if we give discount or round the ticket
thank you

What do you want to show, something that says Discount Applied xxxx?
If you have used ticket total changed the discount or rounding should trigger an update…
If your wanting to show a message saying discount etc I exoect you will need to not use the calculation selector and instead define an automation command to add the calculation then onto this rule you can add a print job to pole to show a discount ro whatever message.

i am adding to the pole total template Discount: {DISCOUNT} it is working on pole total template
but the problem is when i apply the discount from the button calculation selector which is discount on pole display it returns to the pole item template but when i cancel the payment of the ticket and push the settle button again on pole display it shows pole total template so i want to give a rule to calculation selector buttons which are discount or round etc. when i push one of this button it will stay on pole total template not to pole item template. so how can i give rule to calculation selector buttons?
thank you

Sorry, struggling to follow your flow from your post.
You cant set a rule on the calculation selector that I can see. This is why I said you must take out the calculation selection and make a new automation command and rule for it which applies the calculation with update ticket calculation action to which you can also add a rule to trigger a print…

my friend i tried to do what you said but the button is not working

@Oguzhan_Ademir Screenshots help us understand your problem and likely without them we can only guess. Its a good practice to provide screenshots and be very clear with your problem. You have not gotten the answer you want yet because we do not understand the problem.

i am trying to show on pole display discount or round . as on photo i have one more template . template and their rules working well but the problem is when i click one of the calculation button discount or round ,on pole display it shows pole item template so i need a rule that when i click one of this button so it can stay on pole total template not to pole item template
thank you

You are using the tag wrong. Try this template:

<R>[Discount: {DISCOUNT TOTAL}]

i dont have a problem with template template is working, problem is when i click to discount button it shows pole item template. so i need to give a rule to discount button when i click the button it will show pole total template how to give rule

A button rule event is automation command executed… Is that what your asking?

yes please show me how to make a discount button like that then i can give a rule to that button for pole display

You make a new automation command and make a automation command executed rule with constraint on the command name (button name not header).
Look ad print bill, void, cancel etc, these are all automation commands (buttons) with rules setup to trigger on that button press.
You can put all sort of actions in the rule to do whatever you want.
This is part of the power of samba.

i am glad with sambapos i even translate all sambapos to russian send it to emre translate will be next version of sambapos but i checked all the rule i couldnt figure it out, can someone help me how to create a discount button which is working for ticket total and so i can give a rule to that button thank you

This will give you the jist of it, it will allow admin confirm but process is very similar to what you want to do, just adding extra action to the rule.

thank you i think this is what i need

Since Pole Items use ticket total changed, it really hard to tell which one will trigger first after discount applied(this trigger total changed). Maybe you might want to use exec automation command with few seconds delay option.

thanks man everything is working well now