Running Two Menu List

Hello Samba, I am sorry if the question has already been address. I am new to this App and the restaurant business. I created 2 menu list, the software shows categories of the first menu but not those of the second.
Question-How do i see all on the POS screen.


SambaPOS V4 only supports 1 Menu per Department. So you would need to create another Department and assign your 2nd Menu to that Department.

Coming up in V5, we will have the ability to switch between Menus within a single Department, but you will still not be able to display both Menus simultaneously. That is what Categories and Sub-Menus are meant to do.

Thanks QMcKay for the support. Secondly, I have been trying to link my stores to the bar. How do i transfer stock from stores to the bar and have the bar stock level reduced by the sales over the bar counter?

Please help me.


Have a look at products, inventory items and recipes you need to setup all three for each product so that when tou sell an item it knows what it is made of and what stock balances need adjusting

For example;

Product = Cheesburger
Inventory items = bread, chesse, burger meat, lettuce etc

Recipe = links all inventory items needed to make a product, and this is linked to the product so when you press the product button on the pos it reduces the inventory balances of all the inventory items in the recipe for that product

I cant show screenshots at the moment as im on my mobile but have a look at the product, inventory and recipe options in samba

Also search the forum here, there is a setup guide somewhere

Hope that helps

Specifically Recipe’s must be setup for inventory to work properly. Of course the other aspects like Inventory Items etc should be setup as well. That said we need more information about your setup so we can help find out where the breakdown is. Can you share what you have setup and how? Screenshots would be nice.

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Thanks Kendash,

I first setup the products under groups and finally included them under a menu.

Secondly, i created inventory items, ie. stocks i want to track. In my inventory setup the following applied;
Base Unit = the least unit i sell or use of the item in question
Transaction Unit = the unit of measure in which i purchase the item
Other Units = Alternative units of measure the item could be used or sell
Multiplier = units of the base unit constituting transaction/Other units

Thirdly, i created recipes. My drinks are mainly sold in bottles and purchased in boxes, Hence, the product name, Inventory Item name and recipe name were same. ie Coca Cola for product, inventory item & Recipe names

I also created 3 warehouses; main stores, Bar & Kitchen Warehouses
I purchase into main stores and transfer stocks to bar and kitchen when required
All these transactions reflect correctly except that sales does not reduce stock

Please check screenshots

ThanksScreenshots_Samba.pdf (192.7 KB)

What is the warehouse set for your department? In Settings > Departments look at your Department and what Warehouse do you have set for it?