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Anyone know much about this?

Its a UK thing i know, but we are supposed to fill out a form daily for good practice.

Its simple enough, you just date and sign to say either yes there was a problem, or no problems reported.

Im wondering wether it would still be good practice if this was made up daily as an entity, so when you close the work period, the till asks a series of popup questions.

UK people, thoughts?


Nice idea but come end of day who would be interested :grinning:
It is really a kitchen management issue and the responsibility of head chef or similar.
My last one ‘went’ cus he wouldn’t do paperwork, it is that critical to a food business, mind you I shot myself in the foot and had to do 45 days straight in the kitchen !

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But for a business like mine… where it’s all done in the same area… and the staff who take the money also make the food… it’ll be right.

Wonder how many people here are "kiosk businesses?

I am not from UK so I am probably not of much help, but from what you explained it seems like a good idea… no need to look for paper, make excuses that there were no blanks available and so forth …

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