Sales tax issue

Ok I got it and sorry to bother you. I’ll try to search again even i did before and what I was asked is already asked in posts you share to me but it is not working with me or they talk on another issue just same on the caption but the details are different.

anyway. sorry to bother you again, I’ll never ask again.

Also, I’m not even know how to send screen shoots while im just a beginner. thanks alot

I think you may have took my advice the wrong way. We want people to ask questions. This is a community everyone here owns businesses and are very busy so they pick topics that interests them to answer. If the topic does not have enough information to answer it easily and they need to fish for more information in order to answer they typically will not spend the time at all and move on to someone elses request or question.

If we see the same person making the same request over and over because they are not getting responses they want… that can lead to the community having negative feelings toward it. You should try to give clear examples and explain your flow more accurately and give the community time to answer.


Ok can you clarify because your first post you simply just asked about complimentary items… nothing about how you wanted to do it. There could be many different ways to calculate a free item.

Fine, I understand now. and you may find that with new users.
Ok, I know more details is fine to reply the questions and I hoe if i can know from where to send screen shoots. but i will try to be more clarify.

I do that example for Dine In/ToGO

It works with me but I have here a simple problem, I have a service charge 12% creates in calculation type, I need to remove this charge when I use option on ToGO. how can I do that?

Note that, I’ll apreciate if you answer me the steps with screen shoots.

Thanks :smile:

How are you adding your calculation? Are you using a Calculation Selector button on payment screen or is it automatic?

About Complemintary payement, I mean I need a payement like Cash and Voucher etc… called complimentary close the ticket full payment free charge.

You would need to build full accounting around this. Study the Accounting for Payment Type Cash. You can mirror that setup but call it something else other than Cash. This will record everything in its own specific account for reporting.

Calculation Type:
Service charge transaction type.
Rate from ticket amount
Rate: 12

Calculation Selector:
Calculation type: service charge.

You should be able to post screenshots now I fixed your permissions.

Aha about complimentary I got it thatnks alot, what about the other issue of remove service charge while select button ToGO

Several ways to do this. Typed a quick search for Remove Service returned the following. This might not be exactly what you want but it should give you idea of how it works to build yours.

Many people are willing to help some of us help more than others and really contribute a lot of our time to this project. I say that because to be honest the way we help is not always based off just our advanced knowledge of it but we understand that we can use the search and just about everything has been answered before in discussions.

I can not stress enough how valuable the Search function of this forum is. Another really good resource is to simply click on the Categories and go directly to the Tutorials Category and browse those. There is an immense collection of community created and supported tutorials.

This is especially beneficial to new users. Just start browsing and reading as much as you can. I know from experience as a business owner the more I learn about this software the better I support my business with it.

this calculation for 3 items every item = 16$, one of them is posted after I clicked on ToGO service, I need to exclude the service charge when I use the button ToGO, service should equal to 3.84 only

OK so this is different entirely. It looks like you may be using v3 as well? That might be good to mention this. Everything I have said is built for v4 which is currently the supported software v3 is no longer officially supported.

However to answer your question you can not use a Ticket Calculation for individual items. It will never be possible to do what you asked with a Calculation Type. You would need to look into a system similar to the various custom discount tutorials located in the tutorials forum category. Since you seem to be using v3 there is a chance some of those may not work.

Fine, but somebody also using V4 and asked the same question but he not has a full answer, he use V4 and have the same problem also. and this question is not related by version as I thought. I dont know if you can help me in this issue or not, I searched in V3 forum but I didn’t find out how to do

I just gave you a full answer please read my response above. After a quick search for Custom discount here is what came up.

You can use the logic that was used for these to come up with a way to set individual service charges for items this will allow you to remove them.

Aha ok Thanks alot to answer me and wish you a good day.

Selam @mohamed1313. You’ll get awesome help here if you also help us to understand what you need. Otherwise it’ll get nowhere… You may think there is just a single way to add service charge but in fact there are several ways to do that. So when you ask a question about service charge we really really really need to know in detail how you implemented that. As I’ve mentioned in guidelines to be able to give better support we normally just skip questions if it does not have needed detail but @Jesse tried to help. I hope you’ll appreciate this.