Samba 4 is automatically uninstalled


I am using Samba 4 for more than four years in my PC. But it is uninstalled automatically. I thought may be it is windows problem, so I newly re-install Windows7 in this PC. Than I again install the SambaPOS 4. But no changed. It is again uninstalled.

Anybody can help me to solve this?


Umm programs don’t just uninstall. Was there an error message?


Uninstalled? So it installed and works then uninstalls? Or install fails?
Very odd and you haven’t given much to go on…


This just does not happen, this is nothing to do with SambaPOS. Probably your PC has a virus or are in a corporate environment where they have placed restrictions on what software can be used.

When you say “uninstalled”, can you actually check is SambaPOS still showing in Control Panel > Add & Remove Programs? Does the folder C:\Program Files\SambaPOS4 (or C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS4 on 64bit systems) still exist? If it does, the program wasn’t uninstalled, just the icons got removed (which could possibly due to trying to install on a standard user (i.e. non admin) windows account.

There are ways in Windows where software use can be restricted, but not automatically uninstalled. So if you are linking to a server which can assume admin control over your system, there could be a group policy that would stop you running SambaPOS (and it may hide icons, I really don’t know I have never used this). There are also third party monitoring tools which can be quite hidden and they can block use of software (things like ActivTrak) but they will again just block use or hide/remove icons. You say you reinstalled Windows and it happened again so to me that would pretty much rule out all of that, and then leaves the potential for viruses or malware which could remain.

Does any staff use the system? Is it possible someone deliberately uninstalled SambaPOS when you were not there? I would say this would be the highest possibility.

You need to give more info, we can’t spend time on things not related to SambaPOS when you don’t give any further info. And again, this is not a SambaPOS issue.


Thanks everybody for spending valuable time on this issue. First of all I also thought that wasn’t Sambapos issue. Because this was used by a stuff of our restaurant. So I gave him another PC to continue the operation and told him send this to me. Now it is in my observation. I also find this problem (uninstalled the program automatically). I double clicked to open the program, but got a message like this “The item ‘Samba.presentation.exe’ that this shortcut refers to has been changed or removed, so this shortcut will no longer work properly. Do you want to delete this shourt? Yes/No”. I pressed on ‘NO’ button then checked in the program Files folder. ok sambapos is available but the file Samba.presentation.exe is not available, then I checked in the control panel, also ok, Sambapos is available in the program list. But Now I couldn’t running this anyhow. May be you will clear about this.


Which programs folder? Samba is 32bit so if your running 64bit Windows it’s the x84 program files folder


My system is 32 bit. So SambaPOS4 is in the folder - Program Files.


So it’s just the exe that missing? Have you got an antivirus or malware app installed?


No antivirus is installed but a program CouldNet of EpicNet Inc. is installed. May be this is a malware, because generally it couldn’t be uninstalled. I am trying to uninstall this. Then I will confirm about the problem.


Its a virus and likely your problem;
And reading on of the posts it likly sugests you have an asorment of viruses as it usually comes bundled with other nasties.

Intrigued how you have got this after a fresh install on windows? What else have you downloaded/installed?


Thanks lot, problem has been solved. This malware was liable for this problem.


That virus is typically from bogus Porn sites.