Samba 5.3.6 installation on 32 bit W7Pro

I have two W10 stations that have 5.3.6 on them and I want to add an older W7Pro machine and add that same software but its saying it wont install on W7, but the docs say that it will.
It is however a 32 bit station.
Is that my issue?
If so is there a 32 bit install somewhere?

No sorry we do not offer the older versions.

So do you think this is a 32 bit issue?
Need to upgrade the OS?

Do you have service pack 1 or 2 installed?

Neither. Let me run updates and see.

You can try installing latest service pack. If that doesnt work then you may need to upgrade the OS.

I installed SP1 and then I was able to install. Thanks.

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