Samba 5.5.0 license issue on terminals


I’ve installed 5.5.0 and run the licensing.exe on server PC where SQL is running. It worked and samba showed that it is licensed (although it accepts user name only, no luck with email).

Different story on the terminals though. It keeps losing the license, showing “DEMO” instead of the license. Happens both on “real” terminals and on phones RDPing to the server PC.

Today even the server PC lost a license and did not let waiters to add orders which caused a minor hitch in the busy workflow which was actually quite enourmous :slight_smile:

Thank you for suggestions.

When you license it you should shutdown the other terminals. License the server then restart sambapos then turn on the other terminals. Rdp may be causing issues I’m not sure.

Thank you Jesse, I’ll try it as you suggest.

I licensed the server AND each terminal at the beginning (the terminals said DEMO and I did not read the instructions properly). Could it cause an issue that can’t be fixed now?

Another issue with 5.5.0 is that when it loses connection to the DB (poor wifi or server PC restart), Samba crashes. Before 5.5.0 it showed this red screen saying connection lost, you hit Retry and everything was back.

It should still show the red screen. And yes that could cause issue. Please do the method I shared. You should not license any terminals only the server.