Samba Card and Customer different database?

I noticed that the Customer entity and the Sambacard have different databases so when we do a “customer search” it wont show the sambacard clients. Is there a way to combine the sambacard and customer database so are combined?

Its all in the one database you mean different entity types.

Anyway would depend on your setup, can you elaborate what you need to achieve?

Thanks for the quick reply! So im pretty new to all this and this is basically what I need:

Spa/Salon POS
Main Functions:

  • Scheduling
    -We have about 20 technicians we need to be able to create appointments for daily

  • Purchase/Booking

    • Using the “Tables” screen, we want to mark which stations are currently in use and display a timer of when that session started. If the client wants to add an extra 15 minutes, we can just “add time” and for the timer (table screen) to not dissapear when adding time.
    • Indicate which technician is working, and record how long said technician has worked for that day/week/month (for reporting)
    • Allow multiple technician to work on a single session and determine how many minutes each technician worked for in that single session
    • Indicate which receptionist scheduled which session
    • Encorporate a “Store Card” where they can purchase credits and we should be able to edit balance incase of errors or mistakes
    • “Store Card” will be listed under a single customer profile instead of a totally different entity.
    • “Gift Voucher” can also be purchased and used where a customer can gift it to someone and is not under a specific customer profile.
    • "Gift Voucher tracker which can track which vouchers has been used and which have not, and by whom.
    • “Store Card” and “Gift Voucher” data can be stored and used across different store locations real time so if “Bob” uses 2 credits at store “A”, store “B” will also have that record automatically.

- Daily record of Cash/Credit Card/Cheque/Voucher/Store Card totals
- How many minutes (sessions) did each technician work that day
- How many minutes (sessions) did each receptionist book that day
- Record changes to “Store Cards” and “Vouchers” made that day

I know this is quite a bit to change, and maybe somethings are just beyond my own capabilities but I would like to try and create this.
Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks ahead of time!

Will have a better read later as am off out now, allot of those points should be achievable with states like taken stations and ‘technician busy’.
Timers wise you have product times however these are incremental timers, ie 15 min product would in essence would be price x time/15 (value is added every 15 minutes if that makes sense,
Timers for sessions be done with entity state logging, ie time since station was changed to ‘in use’.
Its the term booking which makes me nervous, as am yet to see someone setup a good functional ‘bookings’ system beyond a ‘service’ / ‘session’.
Reporting minuted sold is an interesting one but then again if you sell minutes in blocks of say 15 it shouldn’t be too hard.

Ah yes. That would work. I am assuming you are referring to the Product Timers? Do you know how I would go about assigning a technician to each session and also having the ability to assign multiple technicians to each session? (which I do not think can be done with ticket tags)

This would not work with entities as can only assign one per ticket, would use ticket tags maybe… but that would probably make ‘busy’ setup tricky.