Samba completely reset?


I had a problem yesterday, they tend to happen just before we are about to be busy. We had carnival lastnight so expected one so the busiest nights of the year.

Much to my surprise my wife called me just as I got to my second job to inform me that ‘samba has gone all white’. I had absolutely no idea what she meant so I had to leave work to go and see what she was on about.

When I got there, Samba had completely reset itself. It was back to installation state. White Screen, no products and running from the default samba database (txt?). It was a quick fix, I just had to put the database string in, put it back to dark theme, reset the default navigation buttons etc etc… I just find it bizarre that it should just do that? It boots automatically on boot up and no one is able to get into windows from it so it completely stumped me?



Connection issue maybe showed string dialoge and someone deleted? If you clear of connection string prompt does it revert back to text?


but it went from dark theme to white, it reset everything?


True, settings.txt file deleted? Local settings are in that. But you say they can’t get out to Windows.


its completely bizarre.

The whole till crashes very often im well overdue an upgrade but I never expected this


I’ve seen that before and it’s always someone did something but too afraid to say.


Wife is too not clever to have done anything accidently.

Btw… here is why it was busiest night of the year…


This really sounds like the settings file got deleted. But for it to go into txt mode is strange. It would be hard for them to figure out what happened though with such little info.