Samba for convience store


I have a convenience store with backend kitchen.

I wonder,

  1. is it possible that sambapos could handle bottle deposit and recycle fee?
  2. is it possible that sambapos could give discount when client buy 2 same items?



Seccond has been handled several ways, as with all samba these types of things are user implemented to fit your needs, search for combo deals or maybe multi buy.

As for deposits you will really need to work with entities and accounts to handle well.
The amount of info is flexible and could even just be a ref number like I did with bookings which is similar to one of the gift voucher setups but my last voucher system just used a reference which was printed as barcode on receipt.
Depends on how flexible you want to be with reclaiming deposits.
Saying that if your not fussed about recording deposit as credit it could be as simple as a credit/minus item…

deposits could be used on customer accounts, bit like the samba card system?