Samba freezes when creating new customer

Hello, I am using Entities for customers and when I am creating a customer entity and the information reaches the end of the screen it freezes then the fields starts to bounce to the right and to the left. This happens only when the typed information reaches the end of the screen:

I’m in v5.3.0

I’m not sure why it’s happening but I can verify that with your custom fields it happens:

This doesn’t happen when there is no scroll bar for the custom fields

That’s exactly the same behavior I am facing, and you’re right, in a terminal where the screen allows to show all the fields without scroll bar the bouncing is not present, is there any way to hide the keyboard in the screen?

try setting scale in local settings down byb10%, keyboard looks a bit big.

I’m not sure. I know some users have made custom entity search/selection screens and with that you could opt to not include a keyboard and instead have the OS popup of use the keyboard shortcut in the bottom left of the program.

Scaling fixes the issue at the moment but it’s not a permanent solution, I hope the samba team could see this behavior and maybe in the next versions could be fixed👍🏼

I evaluated that scenario but sometimes I need to edit some part of a field and I think that with a custom entity search it couldnt be done without typing all the information again isn’t it?

TBH, I don’t know as much about custom entity screens to answer that.